how it works

how it works

how it works

You probably imagine foster families when you think about fostering. That close-knit bond. When it comes to fostering with Foster Wales Vale of Glamorgan, it’s also about staying connected – more than you might think. You and your local Foster Wales team will be closely in touch with a dedicated network that provides expertise, guidance and professional support whenever and wherever you need it.

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better together

Supporting foster children and foster carers around Wales: this is what we do. We also support the skilled professionals who work with us every day to help each foster family.

The only reason we can offer this level of support is because we are a collaborative, nation-wide organisation. Foster Wales is every Welsh Local Authority working together – all 22 dedicated, not-for-profit organisations giving their all towards the goal of helping children.

With our not-for-profit status, all the funding we receive goes right back into the service and support we provide. It goes into making us better at what we do and enables us to give more, where it’s needed most.

what makes us different

Foster Wales Vale of Glamorgan is not like your standard fostering team. As we’ve mentioned, we are part of a nationwide collective of 22 Local Authority fostering teams in Wales.

At the heart of everything we do is your local community, and staying local is a major part of our services. We look at the entire picture to ensure the best for every child in our care. We help maintain friendships. We work with schools, clubs and communities. One of our top priorities is to keep children in the familiar places that they know and love, when it’s right for them. This way, we help children maintain their identity and sense of self.

Our purpose is to understand what is best for every child. It’s about caring and doing the best we possibly can, to build a better future for all the children in our care. As a foster carer with Foster Wales Vale of Glamorgan, you’re what makes all of this possible.

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